Why I started hacking I thought I’d write this because of the number of questions I get about how I got started hacking, so here’s the story: *Note: infosec and cybersecurity are used interchangeably. I started ‘hacking’ when I was 12 years old. I got an Xbox 360 the year before, and loved playing Call of Duty. After about a year, it started getting a little boring, but one day I joined a random game, which happened to be a ‘10th prestige lobby’, or a hacked lobby.
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Setting up Kali using VirtualBox So this short blog post is about setting up Kali in VirtualBox. I had a few problems with networking, but the process is overall very straight forward. There are various guides out there, but it seems there are almost always unaddressed issues. At first I actually tried in VMware, but couldn’t quite get the networking right. VirtualBox just turned out to be easier, and VirtualBox seems easier to work with from a Vagrant perspective, which is also a huge bonus.
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Welcome! This blog has been revamped using Hugo, a static site generator. Keep an eye out for all things hacking. Mostly offensive, sometimes defensive if I know how to fix things that are broken. You can find me on twitter and github, and can read about me some on the about page. Thanks for checking out the blog! Time to get back to work Austin
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Mastodon On March 31 Gaden made a medium post called “Welcome to Mastodon and the platform has really taken off. It’s been around for awhile, and at the time of writing the article, mas already had 25,000 users. But only 3 days after writing, the primary instance is at 36,000 and has overloaded the instance. If you want to join, you could make the service more federated (one of the purposes of this platform) by joining one of the other instances found here.
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