Announcements in March

Announcing the Strategic Intelligence Network, TLS, and Banned Ebooks

Note: you can find the SIN and BEb on the menu in the lower left

As promised (and implemented roughly 2 weeks ago), this site now services all direct content through TLS using Let’s Encrypt. The implementation was surprisingly easy, although I didn’t find a quick guide on their site, digitalocean had a very easy and quick 5 minute installation. Some images are still over http, but I’m not as concerned about that at the moment, and will spend that small amount of effort elsewhere.

A mirror of @CthulhuSec Strategic Intelligence Network in now hosted here as well ( which is a mirror of . In short, the SIN is a library of ebooks and text files that have been leaked/written over the years. You can learn about several subjects from communications to the economy to survival and DIY intelligence/security. The total size is about 19GB of text, which I estimate at 630,000 pages if an average PDF size is 80 pages. Disclaimer, this page count is inaccurate and can barely considered an estimation. One might ask why I am hosting this, as it includes some unsavory material such as DIY weapons and explosives, and the answer is as follows:

There are 3 reasons for hosting this, and one of them is the same reason one might run a TOR node. This information helps both the good guys and the bad guys, and that tradeoff is both or neither. It’s just how the world works. Also, TheCthulhu has stated that he’ll be taking some or most of his site down, so I’m saving it for the future. Lastly, the information contained can be considered freedom of speech, and therefore I am allowed to host. It breaks no laws, and the information contained is within the public domain.

The big last announcement is that I am also hosting a mirror of Banned Ebooks, a collection of ebooks I found on a torrent site several years ago and haven’t heard much about since. I am hosting this for the same reasons as the SIN, and information within is similar, but different enough that I thought it would be valuable. Note that the computer information contained in most of the books is very outdated, as it is from the late 70s and early 80s.

Finally as a small side note, I’ve implemented page tracking for analytics using completely open source software Piwik (not Google). So if you see a little JS on the pages, it’s probably that. I urge you to check it out as an alternative to adsense/tracking.

Another article will be out soon, this was just a short update on the site. Interesting news the past 2 weeks has related to “Cloudbleed” and the slow death of SHA1, and an AWS S3 outage, so if you haven’t read up on any of those 3 things, give it a quick google, you’ll learn a lot.

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