Scripts Sites and School

Scripts Sites and School

February already!

It’s been just over a month since my last post. Don’t be mistaken though, I currently have 4 articles waiting to edit including

  1. Finding and fixing rouge ‘smart’ routers on an enterprise network
  2. Installing and setting up the Skylines Project
  3. Part 1 of the Fuzzing series
  4. A long-form article about ethics in data collection, retention, and analysis.

Now you may be thinking that’s a lot of articles to have waiting for editing and you’d be right; I enjoy writing, I do not enjoy editing. I’ll avoid editing by writing the next article before I edit the older one. They’ll get done, it just takes a bit of time.

In terms of project work, I’ve been working on various projects everyday, I’m just switching around often since I don’t have time or energy to get very deep into a subject in the middle of winter and school. Some of the projects include:

  • Various small scripts you can find on my GitHub
  • Installing the Skylines Project
  • Installing FreePBX (a VoIP phone server)
  • Finishing the home lab (pictures coming soon!)
  • Installing Proxmox Virtual Environment (OSS ESXi VM management)
  • Using Tensorflow for a project that will be revealed in March
  • Always messing around in Burp
  • Learning Flask and Python 3 (bye 2.7)
  • Studying all the hackaday projects I want to do (my current to do projects)
  • Studying for Security+, since I’ll be taking it in March
  • Maintenance on the charity I run and filing to start an LLC, details in April

As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty busy! So busy that school is beginning to get neglected in a drop-all-projects type of way, so keep me in your thoughts as I pour down the coffee and neglect these projects for the next week while I get school back in order.

I’ll also be attending CypherCon in March, which will be my second convention ever, the first being DerbyCon last year. I’m always excited to go to the hacking cons, great to meet new people and have a great time in such a great atmosphere.

As far as the title of this post goes, we touched on the scripts and school. The sites part of the title involves finding a very good deal from SSDNODES which was a server with good specs for only $6/mo for life. I’ll be migrating this site and the charity to said server shortly, and once I get Skylines installed it will also be on the server, as well as other services (probably mirrors or censorship-sensitive items) until I need the space. A very exciting occurrence, it’s not everyday you get a new server.

Thanks for reading! I leave you with a picture you can send to your smart friends:

Quantum Jokes with Shor's